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Title: New Year Lunker Yellowtails - Jan 14, 2015
Post by: Opah147 on January 17, 2015, 12:58:09 PM
Happy New Year & Salutations, All! With all the Holidays behind us, now we can focus on big game jetski fishing again. There was a recent spike of yellowtail counts last week but the rains and the Sana Ana winds weren't cooperating. At the first sign of a weather break, I bolted down to the Box Canyon in record time and everyone was there! 5 CBs and at least 20 PBs were on the spot with intermittent rod bends amongst the group.  It was a beautiful morning with water temp at 63 with 1 to 2 foot swells from the South with mild winds…perfect conditions for yellowtail fishing. No paddies today but plenty of bait balls and birds to work with. There were nice marks on my sonar at 150', but the bite wasn't on yet. In the meantime, I was able to scratch off the usual rock fish.

During the early morning, I was hit a couple times with my new Raider iron (gold) with a single side wash hook but not able to hook 'em. Sardines weren't faring as well so I changed my jig to my scrambled egg sumo…and on the first cast…Bang! BIG YELLOW! I knew this was a Lunker from the start just from the line rip from my drag. This bad boy turned on the hurt and made me pay with sore arms and shoulders (mental note to self…get back into shape). I'm a bit upset at myself thinking my gopro was on but it wasn't, thereby, missing the money shot…shucks! I caught this 28 lb Lunker yellow on 40 pound P-line, my Trinidad 30, and Calstar Graffighter 20-40 lb rod. This Bruiser was hooked on the drift, about 200" deep on the yo yo drop, gulping my iron and hooked at the gills...a very aggressive strike!

This was a great start and I can't wait what the New Year will enfold. See on the bite ;) Ben