Author Topic: Rock Fishing & Close Whale Encounter, Ocean Side, CA – Dec 27, 2014  (Read 7034 times)

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The weather was rough this morning, my Friends. Small craft advisory warning was until 7AM...should have been until 9 AM (thanks a lot NOAA!).  Twenty knot winds with 4 to 5 foot wind waves even when I left at 8, but finally calmed down at the grounds...a wet ride to say the least. About 10 PBers and 3 CBs working the Box this day with some light rod bends on a couple of PBers…appeared to be rock fish or Bonitos. I decided to head towards Oceanside for warmer waters and paddies which I found, 65 and big paddies. Conditions were good with lots of marine life, but finding the big yellows are becoming tougher these days.  I pretty much tried every trick in the bag…trolled, threw irons, and bait (fly-line, dropper loop, & chum). Dolphin & bird chasing was part of the plan while looking for paddies…but nada, zippo! I was able to bag 4 to 5 rock fish on structure, all released except one 3 pound Bocaccio which I gave to my buddy Joe at the DP bait receiver.

When the bite is slow, one fun thing about jetski fishing is…you're are on a JETSKI! You can mix it up; you can go marine biologist mode, bolt, be stealthy and check out other interesting sea life like Gray Whales and Molas (But I know this ain’t Wild Kingdom).

Big game is slim pickings these days, but every day is a different day on the ocean. At the end of this day, a friendly seal pup tried to hitch a ride…kinda made my day!

See on the water  :D Ben

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Re: Rock Fishing & Close Whale Encounter, Ocean Side, CA – Dec 27, 2014
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Still waiting on my engine.... I will join you soon my friend!
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