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Title: Yellowtail hunt turned halibut catch
Post by: Opah147 on October 26, 2014, 05:45:33 PM
On October 25, 2014, I headed south for the yellowtails. Reports of large yellows have been caught just south of the Box Canyon, 4 to 5 miles south of the domes. The plan was to do some offshore & inshore fishing this trip depending on the bait. With perfect sized sardines, 4 to 5 inches, my prospects look good. I found a couple of beautiful paddies on the way but no luck...kinda like last trip.

The entire fleet is at the Box with radio chatter of PB on fish. There were marks around 150 to 200 hundred feet which warranted dropper loop or 2 ounce egg sinker.  I moved off the crowd following birds and I got hooked...and by the distinct drag strip, its a big yellow. But after about 10 minutes, my line becomes limp. My 30 lb line broke off at dropper loop knot...not the first time this knot has failed me. The spider hitch is the way to go.

I fished for another couple of hours to no prevail and decided to head inshore for halibut. I have marked structure from the lobster season before along the Kelp Barn area and was able to nail this nice hali keeper. This flatty was caught on a 4 inch sardine,  trap rig, 15 lb P-line with my Curado 300e and G-Loomis imx bass rod. Wind waves made a rough ride back, but all in all, a great day fishing! Ben