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Title: Yellowfin on the Drift, 9-05-2015
Post by: Opah147 on September 19, 2015, 01:12:35 PM
Been meaning to post my last outing but I had some computer issues. Resolved for the most part but now having learning curve issues (just converted to mac iOS).

Headed due west out of Dana this morning looking for the usual paddies & birds. Waters were fairly calm with 1-2" swells from the NW, ocean temp 74. Mixed sardines & macs in my well this time. The entire Mexican Navy was out this day conducting exercises right smack in the middle of the fishing grounds. PBers are complaining on the VHF about the slow bite scapegoating the Mx fleet. At the 12 mile mark, I stopped on a nice paddy with thick bait below...but no love! It's probably because of a navy cruiser that rolled up on me.

South bound, I found a temp break followed by some marks on my sonar. In with the chum, I "ass pinned" a squirrely sardine then "FISH ON!" Just from the drag rip & the rod bend, I knew it was gonna be nice one. Fifteen minutes later, another 27 lb yellowfin on the ski! A hammerhead showed up a bit late for the taking...always cool to see!

The bite completely shut down as the Mexican Navy steamed towards me again...can't seem to shake em! So back to the jet wash. I bagged this nice tuna with 30 lb p-line, my trini 20 & Calstar 15-30 scs. It was another "one bite, one fish" day. I ain't complaining cuz that one fish may be that 150 lb bruiser we're all looking for  ;)

Thanks for coming along! Ben
Title: Re: Yellowfin on the Drift, 9-05-2015
Post by: Opah147 on October 08, 2016, 08:37:01 PM
Here's the video....finally!