Author Topic: The Yellow Fins are Moving in! 7-24-2015  (Read 3549 times)

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The Yellow Fins are Moving in! 7-24-2015
« on: July 26, 2015, 04:31:21 PM »
Hi All!

The blue fins (BFT) are pushing on and the yellow fins (YFT) are moving in. I launched out of Dana Point last Friday with one thing on my mind... "try to nail one of those 150 lb BFT before they completely move on". There's an air of urgency and the entire fleet & personal boaters are feeling it too. Baited with big dines, I headed to the 14 mile bank....and so did everyone else! The water was calm with 1 to 2 foot NNW swells and water temp at 76. On the way, I spotted diving birds, frisky dolphins with frequent tuna boils and I think to myself, "this is gonna be a wonderfull day!".  It really felt like I was down at the East Cape, Sea of Cortez, on my jetski.

My sonar was chirping thick bait plumes & heavy fish marks. The VHF was buzzing with hook ups and intermittent boaters are bend as well...but no love for me...for 2 hours!!! I tried every trick in my hat but no luck.  I decided to break away from the crowd and troll south towards San Onofre. Jig strikes haven't been productive for me so I decided to soak a bait & slow chum on a thick bait mark....then, "HOOK UP!", and I bagged a nice 30 lb yellow fin. With the monkey off my back, I moved on and found a nice paddy all to my lonesome. BANG!...another drag ripping 41 lb yellowfin met my gaff. My bait rolled early probably from the 77 waters so I decided to call the day.

I caught 2 nice yellowfins on sardines, 30 lb P-line, my trini 20 & Calstar scs 12-30 rod. Both weighed by digital scale. That night's ahi poke dinner was absolutely phenomenal and we'll be eating it for the entire weekend!

 See you on the water ;) Ben
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