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Title: Blue Fin on a Paddy Drift - 9-17-2016
Post by: Opah147 on September 19, 2016, 01:34:42 PM
Hi All!

Bluefin counts have dwindled but the yellowfin numbers are looking up. The buzz at Dana Point Landing was the big Ahis around the 181/182 FB…well beyond my range. But I’m optimistic that the yellowfins may have made their way closer.  The plan was to head SW beyond the 267 FB for warmer waters scanning for the usual birds, boils, and paddies. Beautiful medium dines from the bait receiver this time.

On the way out, I got a quick gander at a glorious sunrise before the clouds rolled in. A nice way to start the morning. Waters were calm, 64 degrees, 1 to 2 foot west swells with minimal winds....perfect condition in my book. About 18 miles out, the water temp jumped (68.5) and my sonar was marking bait plumes and intermittent fish marks. I spotted a lone gull on a decent sized paddy with bait underneath…there were sketchy yellowtails under this one. On a couple of drifts, I fly-lined a squirrely sardine while chunk chumming, then bendo! Fish on! I was fully convinced it was a decent yellowtail.  But at deep color, tuna…a blue fin tuna! A nice surprise to say the least. I stuck around on this paddy a bit longer, but the yellows were on to me. I headed further SW but it was pretty much a desert.

I nailed this 15 pound blue fin on my Trini 20, Calstar scs and 25 lb-line. It ain’t the 150 lber they were catching earlier in the season, but it's still a beautiful blue fin on the ski. Thanks for coming along! ;D ;D ;D

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