Author Topic: "You should have been here yesterday!" The Blue fin are here!!!! 7-16-2016  (Read 601 times)

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The Bluefin are finally here, Yawl…and they’re BIG! On Friday, Anglers reported 80 to 200 lbs BFT just 7 miles straight out of Dana Point harbor and some around 14 mile bank. The landing was buzzing this Saturday morning and there was a little wait to launch my ski.  My pal, Steven, called me over to check out some remnants of big BFT tails sticking out of the dumpster from the day prior. The prospects of nailing Bluefin always gets my heart pumping.

Beat up mac and dine mix from the bait receiver this time.

Conditions were perfect! Warm overcast skies and calm warm waters (72.5) made a pleasant round trip for a change.  The plan was to head due west then south for the usual paddy, birds, dolphins and boils. The ocean was teaming with life this morning. Minke whales breeching on bait balls, birds diving from above with intermittent dolphin pods making their way. Mola Molas are always great indicators for warm waters currents. Fourteen miles off the domes, I was able to spot some tuna boils but we've all been there before…too much dang boat traffic and the Bluefin are lock jawed! I was able to nail a few small yellowtails under some lone paddies (all thrown back). :D
It’s the same ol' story, “You should have been here yesterday”. But it doesn’t matter, it was a beautiful day on the ocean and I’m looking forward to more outings…maybe with a Bluefin tail or two sticking out my jet ski chest! ;) ;) ;)


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